What color should I die for?
How old do I grow before my love of the color grows cold?
Help me choose a symbol my friend can die for.
The star?
A Hat?
a  hand sign?
It all makes sense?
Who wouldn't die for a color or symbol?
I would......wouldn't I?
You can...won't you?
My baby brother should..... shouldn't he?
Are these symbols that hold us together, the meaning of life?
Is a color as important as Freedom or a symbol and hand sign as virtuous as Love?
What madness have we created?
We fight and die for issues of no meaning.
Gang Life has no future.
No Profit.
No virtue.
No worthy goals.
I choose a life with a future.
I reject mindless commitments to meaningless issues and conflicts that gang life offers me.
Why should I serve or follow these men who create conflict and hate to the point that it spirals out of control.
Yesterday you were my friend and today you are my enemy because they say you are.
I will choose my friends, my future, my destiny.
Yes I would die for Freedom.
No I won't die for your special color, symbol, hand sign, or street corner.
What kind of brotherhood would ask me to do such a thing?
I reject Gang Life and choose...
                                                                                                         Dirk T Lemmons