This site is dedicated to revealing the true consequences of gangs and living the gangster lifestyle. The real tough guys in life are the ones that can face the truth. The truth is, gang life has nothing to offer but death, jail time and ruined lives for everyone that comes in contact with gang members. Cowards that hide behind gang colors, bandannas, hand signs, threats and intimidation don't have the courage to admit the reality of the total despair of the gangster life style. They appear to be brave  packing their guns and intimidating all those around them; but in reality they are afraid to face and live in the real world. They would rather sell drugs, rob and kill than get a real job like the rest of the world. Most gang members end up in prison because they can not make it on the outside.  Becoming a gang member is just stupid no matter how you look at it. It is like telling everyone around you "hey look at me I am a tough guy gangster that dreams of spending many years of my life in prison where Bubba can use me for his bitch. I want to see my family killed by retaliation shootings and hope I get shot, and live to brag about it, so I can tell everyone I am bad ass."  The world is sick of all the innocent people getting killed by gang activity. We are sick of the gang graffiti and the intimidation of bandana wearing little thugs that think they look tough but in reality appear totally stupid. What kind of person joins a group of people that's only purpose is to do evil to other people. Before you join a gang you should take a tour of a high security Federal or State Prison. That way you will understand where you will be living for most of your life if you agree to join a gang. Then go by the cemetery and see where you will be planted in the very near future if you join a gang. When someone ask you to join a gang, you should look at them with the same disgust you would, if they had asked you to eat dog crap. How would you react to someone who asked you to do just that? Asking you to join a gang is far more bizarre and stupid than asking you to eat dog crap. They are feeding you a bunch of BS so don't fall for it or eat it.  Why in the world would you want to join something that guarantees you long prison time, harm or death to your family, drug addiction, and a life of fear and horror? Be loyal to your family and friends who truly love you rather than some weak thug criminal  that ultimately could care less about you.

Send us your stories, poems, and  links to your videos and we will put them on this site if they follow the spirit of our goals. Don't send us anything that glamorizes gang life because we are not falling for that lie. Let the rap artist and movie makers create the gangster legends with their music and movies. We are okay with that because it reveals the culture, history and true story of the urban gangs. E-mail us at with your work, thoughts and suggestions.
Dirkster Productions (Dirk Lemmons) has been doing internet gang intervention for 10 years now. It is time to get serious and take it to the next level. will soon be taking this message to the brick and mortar world as well as the cyber world. Evil triumphs over good only when good men do nothing. It is time to get involved and be proactive against the evils of gangs. It's time to do good for our kids
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